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  • Walnut+Steel_Angle_Framing

    Urban walnut + steel framing

  • Skip_Planed_Old_Growth_Fir

    Urban old growth fir

  • Stained_Character_Oak_Barn_Door

    Urban oak + custom stain

  • urban old growth fir

    Urban old growth fir

Sliding Door


  • Also known as ‘barn doors’ or ‘warehouse doors’, sliding doors can be made in any size and style. Typical installations include reclaimed urban pine or fir, standard hardwood species (ash, elm, oak, maple, walnut), or a combination of steel or glass. Graphics can be integrated into your design, and solid steel track and hardware is available. Solid steel hardware  and pulls are available.
Wood Species
Ash Wood Option
Elm Wood Option
Hickory Wood Option
Maple Wood Option
Oak Wood Option
Walnut Wood Option
Ebonized oak
Whitewash wood

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